Final agreement G20 2018

The ratified agreement establishes the need to reform the WTO.


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Freely drawn from "G20 Leaders’ Declaration" - G20 Argentina 2018

The final agreement of the negotiations at the G20 Summit in Argentia was the creation of a consensus for a "fair and sustainable development", with fundamental priority the future of work, infrastructures, food safety and gender equality.

The heads of state renewed their commitment to the defense of balanced and inclusive growth policies to be supported through appropriate political instruments aimed at intensifying dialogue and actions to strengthen the climate of investor confidence, given the threats of slowing down of the current international conjuncture.

Support for growth will include appropriate policies to support technological development, crucial for the productivity of countries. At the same time, world leaders have renewed their commitment to tackle the challenges imposed by technological transformation on the world of work, business and education in a sustainable way. In fact, through the approval of the Menu of Policy for the Future of Work, decent work, professional training and skills development are promoted.
The final agreement also recognizes the importance of digitization as an innovative tool for the development of new business models, and the centrality it plays for the growth of international trade.
The growth support program will include appropriate policies, such as the Roadmap to Infrastructure, to boost private investment in infrastructures as a driving force for economic development.

On the environmental issue, world leaders recognized the importance of sustainable exploitation of agricultural resources, reaffirming a firm commitment to the issue of food security. However, the US maintains a special position with reference to the Paris agreement, valid for all other signatory countries.

The session on immigration was ratified by providing a cooperative commitment to support local development programs as the Compact with Africa. The dialogue on this subject has been postponed to the next presidency.

The heads of state also found an agreement on the "hot" issue of international trade, recognizing the need to reform the multilateral trade system of the WTO with the aim of avoiding market abuse, aid to state enterprises, intellectual property protection in technology transfer, strongly supported by Europe and other countries (including China and India) and in the G20 also ratified by the US.