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EXPORTPLANNING-MarketResearch: Country Reports updated with latest IMF Outlook-October 2019

Country Reports updated with new features and contents (WEO-Oct2019) for 152 countries. Access is free to all registered users >> Go to EP's Reporting tool

EXPORTPLANNING-MarketResearch: updated the Forecast Scenario with the new IMF's WEO-Oct2019

Macroeconomic Forecasts updated for the 152 countries of the Ulisse classification. Access is free to all registered users >> Go to the WEO Datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-Upgrades of the "Search Product" feature

In "MarketSelection", "MarketResearch", "MarketBarometer" Search Product feature available also by SITC (Standard Internat.Trade Class. rev.4), NAICS (North American IndustryClass.), HS10 (Harmonized System-10digit) codes.

EXPORTPLANNING - Market Research: available US trade data for Q3-2019 (pre-estimates)

Access for all registered users is free up to the Industry level (UL20) of the Ulisse Product classification. >> Go to the Analytics tool