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British Pound and Norwegian Krone at the antipodes

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Exchange rate Pound Weekly currency updates

The Brexit deal supports the Pound, while the causes of the depreciation of the Krone are uncertain [ Read all ]

The Weight of tariffs on US Trade Deficit

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

United States of America Trade balance Trade war Economic trends

The American trade deficit at the time of Trade War [ Read all ]

Healthcare: the new record of the US Market in Q3-2019

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

Health products Conjuncture United States of America Foreign markets Foreign market analysis

Cumulative y/y growth of +12.7 billion dollars, with a relevant role of European sales. [ Read all ]

U.S. Tariffs On EU Products and EU competitive balance

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Europe Conjuncture United States of America Foreign markets Trade war Economic trends

The WTO Decision could exacerbate transatlantic and intra-European tensions [ Read all ]

The Automotive Slowdown

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Global demand United States of America Conjuncture Uncertainty Slowdown Automotive Europe Asia Automotive

Technological disruption and weak economic conditions weigh on the car market; better resilience for the commercial vehicles segment. [ Read all ]

The unexpected appreciation of the Egyptian pound

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

MENA Exchange rate Emerging markets Weekly currency updates

The high yields of Egyptian bonds attract capital and strengthen the pound [ Read all ]