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International Trade performance by Country and Industry

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Slowdown Macroeconomic analysis Intermediate goods Conjuncture Global demand Uncertainty Trade war Economic trends

International slowdown involves all major economies, weighing on intermediate and investment goods [ Read all ]

Developing Economies Slow Down Global Growth

Published by Giulio Grisanti. .

Slowdown Macroeconomic analysis IMF Economic trends

In 2019 the lowest growth rate since the 2008 crisis. Slowdown continuing in 2020 [ Read all ]

How much is the Chinese Economy Growing?

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Macroeconomic analysis Asia Import Economic trends

Reliable measures of growth potential are key to choose the right target market. [ Read all ]

2019 forecast: a map of global economic growth

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Africa Macroeconomic analysis Europe Asia Conjuncture Forecast IMF Economic trends

According to the IMF, Asia and Africa will show the fastest economic growth, while Germany and Italy will lag behind the rest of the EU. [ Read all ]

Institutional quality and economic growth

Published by Matteo Roscio. .

Macroeconomic analysis Economic policy Economic trends

Foreign investment and quality of human resources are the channels that link institutions to economic development. [ Read all ]

The global economic slowdown

Published by Giulio Grisanti. .

Macroeconomic analysis Forecast Turkish lira Economic trends

Latest IMF projections signal a slightly slower GDP growth [ Read all ]

Compact with Africa: il piano di sviluppo degli investimenti privati in Africa

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Africa Macroeconomic analysis News from the world

Dopo 16 mesi dal via, l’iniziativa del G20 ha coinvolto undici paesi africani, impegnati in riforme strutturali per una crescita sostenibile. [ Read all ]

Libertà economica come fattore di sviluppo

Published by Marco Scordamaglia. .

Siulisse Macroeconomic analysis Data visualization Internationalisation tools

I paesi con la maggiore libertà economica hanno redditi pro capite più elevati [ Read all ]

Popolazione mondiale e trend demografici: ecco come sta cambiando il mondo

Published by Luca Surace. .

Siulisse Macroeconomic analysis Forecast Data visualization Economic trends

Popolazione mondiale e trend demografici: ecco come sta cambiando il mondo [ Read all ]