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Eco-friendly Leather: the growing specialization of the European industry

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

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An increasingly positive trade balance highlights a growing specialisation of European industry for Textile fabrics coated, covered or laminated with polyurethane and/or polyvinyl chloride. [ Read all ]

The rise of the electric bicycles

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Siulisse Consumption pattern International marketing International marketing

Technological innovation, design and the growing awareness of environmental issues are the driving forces behind the significant growth of e-bikes. [ Read all ]

The leading role of European technical fabrics

Published by Giulio Grisanti. .

Siulisse Europe Export International marketing

An industry in which Europe - Germany and Italy above all - plays a relevant role due to the growing number of application fields, especially in the hi-tech sector [ Read all ]

The green transition: Norway leads the way in electric vehicles adoption

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Siulisse Europe Automotive Data visualization Automotive

Every second Norwegian new car is electric in 2018 [ Read all ]

Ceramic tiles: the emerging competition of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVTs)

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

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In the flooring industry, the emerging growth of Luxury Vinyl Tiles, to the detriment of Ceramic Tiles [ Read all ]

Monetary policy: Israel towards normalization

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Exchange rate Siulisse Emerging markets Weekly currency updates

On November 26th, Bank of Israel raised the benchmark interest rate from 0.1 to 0.25%, the first hike since 2011. [ Read all ]

Automotive components: opportunities across the border

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Siulisse Asia Automotive Emerging markets Export Automotive

The motorization process taking place in the world is changing the opportunity map for the component industry. [ Read all ]

Automotive industry: tendenze commerciali e sviluppi tecnologici

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Siulisse Europe Automotive Global demand Emerging markets Automotive

Trend nel mondo dell’auto segnalati dalle dinamiche di commercio internazionale [ Read all ]

Segnali di crisi: Lira turca e Rand sudafricano

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Exchange rate Siulisse Emerging markets Turkish lira Weekly currency updates

La Turchia agisce a sostegno della Lira; il Sudafrica entra in recessione. [ Read all ]

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