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The cyclical conditions of world trade

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Food&Beverage Metal industry Intermediate goods Electronics Conjuncture Automotive Global demand Economic trends

Global demand is slowing down. How are the different industries doing? [ Read all ]

World Export of Packaged Food & Beverage: the most dynamic sectors and markets in the first quarter of 2019

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

Food&Beverage Conjuncture Check performance Export Agribusiness

The first part of the year signals the continuation of a positive trend in the world exports of Packaged Food & Beverage [ Read all ]

Opportunities and challenges of exporting wine to US market

Published by Marianna Siani. .

Food&Beverage United States of America Foreign markets International marketing International marketing

US are a fundamental destination market for premium-price wine, but also a complex and highly competitive market on which you cannot arrive unprepared. [ Read all ]

Where to export premium-price wines in the Middle East North Africa area?

Published by Silvia Baradel. .

Premium price MENA Food&Beverage Planning Internationalisation Foreign markets International marketing International marketing

Business Case of International Marketing applied to a Premium-Price Wine exporter, according to the ExportPlanning's Method: Export Readiness Assessment - Market Selection - Market Research. [ Read all ]

Excellence of Italian Agribusiness exports in 2018

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

Data visualization Foreign markets Conjuncture Made in Italy Driving Regional export Check performance Food&Beverage Agribusiness

Also the fourth quarter of 2018 confirmed a positive growth rate of the agri-food exports of the Italian territories. [ Read all ]

How to export to the USA: a guide

Published by Marianna Siani. .

Food&Beverage United States of America International marketing

Us market offers several opportunities for European companies, but it requires a specific know-how. [ Read all ]

Agribusiness: signs of a slowdown in world trade but also confirmations of growing markets

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

Food&Beverage Driving Conjuncture Check performance Industries Foreign markets Agribusiness

In a phase of slowdown in world trade, the agribusiness exporters are recommended to monitor the performance of their markets. [ Read all ]

Packaged Food and Beverages: in the third quarter of 2018 strengthening of US imports' growth

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

Food&Beverage Conjuncture Competitor analysis United States of America Agribusiness

Packaged agribusiness: the US market showed maximum values ​​in the third quarter of 2018. [ Read all ]

Export agroalimentare 1° semestre 2018: anche nel Meridione molte eccellenze

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

Regional export Food&Beverage Driving Conjuncture Export Foreign markets Agribusiness

Salerno e Foggia nelle conserve, Perugia nell'olio, Piacenza per p. forno e dolci, Cuneo e Treviso nel vino, Bolzano e Alessandria e Verona i "best performer" export agroalimentare 2018. [ Read all ]

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