Who we are

Here you'll find the main points about us. If you need any more information, please just email us and we'll get back to you.

Data, information & methodology

We take data only from public and authoritative sources. Our database - which constitutes the ExportPlanning Information System - contains trade, macro-economic, general reference and financial data - constantly updated - from hundreds of official sources, covering 153 countries and more than 3,000 product categories.

Our mission

Our Mission is quite simple: to provide practical, immediate support to SMEs and their consultants in developing their export potential. Through a centralised online service, we provide support systems for decision-making based on the best practices of Planning and Control for Internationalization. N.B. We do not overcome the need for internal structures or external assistance, but we make them more efficient and we think it improves the quality of their decisions.

Our partners

ExportPlanning is the result of expertise and experience gained in the fields of internationalization, data mining and data analysis, data visualization and the development of IT tools to support business decision making.

  • Aderit srl - Software development experts
  • StudiaBo srl - Experts in the management of Big Data
  • Vicem srl - Experts in web marketing

scientific Committee

In order to collect and organize the most useful data and develop the most suitable functions for the activities performed by the export managers, ExportPlanning has set up an Export Managers Committee. The Committee is composed of Export Managers with a long and consolidated experience of international best practices, especially for small and medium enterprises.

  • Marcello Antonioni ()
  • Luigi Bidoia ()
  • Pier Paolo Galbusera ()
  • Pierantonio Gallu ()
  • Valeria Minasi ()
  • Gian Marco Nava ()
  • Valerio Ronci ()
  • Adolfo Rossi ()
  • Alberto Scanziani ()
  • Giuseppe Vargiu ()

Il nostro team

Marcello Antonioni

Economist & Data Scientist

Luigi Bidoia

Economist & Data Scientist

Luca Surace

Economist & Data Scientist

Michele Pellegrini

IT - Information Technology

Fabrizio Corallini

IT - Information Technology

Alba Di Rosa

Economist & Data Scientist

Marzia Moccia

Economist & Data Scientist

Giulio Corazza

Data Scientist

Pete Healy

Marketing & Communication

Valeria Minasi

Market Accessibility Consultant

Simone Zambelli

Economist & Data Scientist