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Business Support Organizations using EP

The following organizations use Export Planning to support their associates/users/customers in the internationalization projects:

National Business Associations

  • ACIMGA - Italian manufacturers association of machinery for the graphic, converting and paper industry
  • ACIMIT - Italian Association of Textile Machinery
  • FEDERUNACOMA - Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation
  • GIFASP ASSOGRAFICI - Italian Association of non-corrugated paper or paperboard packaging
  • GIPSAC ASSOGRAFICI - Italian Association of Paper Sacks and Bags
  • SISTEMA MODA ITALIA - Italian Federation of Textile and Fashion

Chambers of Commerce

Through the Go2Market service, developed by PROMOS ITALIA, all the Italian Chambers of Commerce adhering to the "SEI-Supporting Export of Italy" project use ExportPlanning.

Rewarded as a "Best-Practice" by (May 2019, p. 21-22):
Europe Commission best practice

They say of us

“An advantage of ExportPlanning is that historical data is available–reaching as far back as 1995, and that predictive analysis can also be provided. It is quite an advanced tool, comes with a user guide, and experts will be able to fine-tune their criteria and weighting of each one. Price range segmentation, consumer demographics and psychographics are all included, which is not the case for other tools. Here again, results may be exported for further use. Finally, the organization offers additional resources on its website (news, exchange rates, articles) and complementary tools for assistance along the entire export journey.”

5 Best Online Tools to select your best export markets, white paper by Prime Target

“ExportPlanning is one of the most comprehensive ‘Swiss Army Knives’ for export planning. It combines ease of use (and detailed instructions) with the degree of detail and insight needed by the most demanding professionals. To date, I believe that only ExportPlanning is able to offer this interesting overview for a specific product.
With ExportPlanning you have a single place to find all the (objective) data you need for your export assessment and planning.”

Micol Vezzoli, Co-fondatore TEM ITALIA, network di Temporary Export Manager

“ExportPlanning is a tool that as an association we constantly use to support many different activities, as well as a valuable tool for our members, who are able to consult independently by customizing searches on a database that concentrates truly extensive data and forecasts.”

ACIMGA, the Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery for the Graphic, Paper and Converting Industry

“It has been a few years that our association has been using the Exportplanning service. It is a very useful tool both as a support to the planning of promotional activities that ACIMIT carries out, and to monitor the world markets of our sector. The member companies also appreciate the ExportPlanning platform, especially for the enormous amount of information it contains and for its user-friendly use.”

ACIMIT, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers

“We have been using ExportPlanning for about a year now and we really appreciate both the real wealth of data it contains and the versatility of the tool that allows you to get reports and information according to your needs. Excellent product for setting up an effective internationalization strategy.”

Assolombarda, the Association of Companies operating in the Metropolitan City of Milan and in the Provinces of Lodi, Monza and Brianza, Pavia

“Our Marketing Management students benefited greatly from using the ExportPlanning tool during the autumn 2020. They screened and compared several different countries and regions for an internationalization project. The access to the ExportPlanning tool provided them with large amounts of updated, relevant and useful data, which brought value to their market selection process.”

Tine Juhl Wade, Senior Lecturer – VIA University College, Denmark

I would like to take this opportunity to express appreciation for the service – it is truly a marvel! an ExportPlanning’s user