Customized Trade Data

Customized Trade Data allows you to receive data from the ExportPlanning Information System in one or more formats defined in agreement with the user (spreadsheet, PDF document, PPTX document, etc.).

The service allows you to request a dedicated extraction of data available in the ExportPlanning Information System, by defining:

  • the types of data (Datamart) of interest;
  • the product codes (customs code or aggregate of codes) of interest;
  • the types of queries (Dimensions) of interest;
  • the formats in which to receive the extraction;
  • the periodicity of the extraction.

Upon request, one of our consultants will be able to support the reading, interpretation and in-depth analysis of specific aspects of the extraction requested.

Fill out this form to be contacted by one of our consultants to agree on the specifics of the drawing of interest.

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