Market Insights

ExportPlanning provides the Market Insights service for the analysis, monitoring, and forecasting of the dynamics of key international markets of interest. With Market Insights, you receive accurate data and information on markets and specific customs codes in PDF format and/or data sheets (Excel/CSV, etc.). The service supports business market intelligence activities and promotes resource optimization for a data-driven international strategy.

Our solutions:

Business Information Integration

Integrate business information with foreign trade information to have a 360° view of a market or area of interest.
375 € + VAT
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Market Trends

Monitor the most recent dynamics of markets of interest in terms of values, quantities, and prices.
500 € + VAT
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Budget Support 2024

Support sales budget with market benchmarks, developed from ExportPlanning's forecasting models.
750 € + VAT
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Competitor Prices

Verify the alignment of company pricing policies with those of major international players.
875 € + VAT
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Mirror Flow

Extract the maximum degree of information by analyzing import and export data of the same trade flow.
950 € + VAT
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Market Portfolio Optimization

Obtain informative guidance on markets to prioritize in an economic slowdown scenario.
1125 € + VAT
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