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FREE report world flows is a free information processing Available in ExportPlanning on world trade.The report tracks a Complete and synthetic picture of the historical and perspective evolution of flows commercial for a product of interest.

The compilation of the request allows you to receive a report in PDF, which, in tabular form, presents the data on the main import markets e The relevant competitors active in the commercial area of interest.It is in fact You can request a report focused on the EU markets, or on those Non-EU.

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Enter the customs code of the product of interest, or a sufficiently detailed description thereof (if necessary, you will be contacted by our technical department to more information).

Choose the markets of interest. By selecting EU, the markets included in the report will be the community markets. If you select non-EU, i markets included in the report will be non-EU markets.

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Each user can request only one free report. To obtain a bonus and request further exportplancing reports, Visit this page .

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