Decision Support System
for Small & Medium Enterprises

Even in these turbulent times, selling internationally is more profitable than ever for some Exporting companies

Even in these turbulent times, selling internationally is more profitable than ever for some Exporting companies. How can that be? Good planning built on smart decisions. ExportPlanning.com (“EP”) is a powerful online interactive Decision Support System designed specifically to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) start and grow their export sales. Already used by hundreds of companies and trade promotion agencies in Europe, EP is for more than research: it’s an engine for decisions and action.

Let’s say you want to:

1. See whether your company is ready to export

Export Readiness Assessment

EP’s Export Readiness Assessment questionnaire is easy to use and helps you evaluate your readiness based on factors such as your current Domestic Market Position, Corporate Strategy, Innovation Processes, Management Commitment, and more.


2. Select the highest-potential market(s) for your products

Market Selection

Market Selection uses your inputs and weightings to rank markets according to their potential, providing you with a preliminary screening based on Opportunity (imports by price ranges, growth forecasts, etc.), Reliability (exchange rate risk, etc.), and Accessibility (tariff rates, etc.) both at Country- and Product-specific levels.


The “engine” in Market Selection and other EP tools is the Ulisse Information System, a comprehensive information base built on the systematic collection and synthesis of trade and individual-market data from numerous government and industry sources such as the WTO, World Bank, US Census Bureau, Standard & Poor’s, and Moody’s. The data, updated as often as daily, includes among its key features: Historical depth (from 1995 to the present); Wide geographical coverage (152 countries); Exhaustive product detail (across 220 industries, >3000 product types based on HS custom codes); Consumer demo- and psychographics by country; Segmentation by price ranges; and Predictive analysis by Product, Market, and Competitor Country.

3. Research your selected markets
and competition from other countries

Market Research

Market Research offers tools to create and download Reports and Analytics. Use Reports for an in-depth, up-to-date view of exports of your product type from Competitor countries to your target Market. With Analytics you can extract and process data as tables or charts covering production, trade, and demand for >3000 products (>15,000 US customs codes) across 152 countries.


4. Consider other market entry strategies

Entry Strategy Assessment

The ESA tool can use the company information you’ve entered to propose tailored strategies to optimize your Cost/Benefit ratio.


5. Create or expand your International Plan

Int'l Business Plan Generator

This tool helps you create, share, and easily update a comprehensive International Business Plan. Easy-to-use Checklists and a Content Management System help you develop all the elements, including: Company Profile, Industry Status, Target Market(s), Market Entry Strategy, Marketing Mix, Budget, and Operational Plan.


6. Stay up to date on conditions and trends
in your target markets

Market Monitor

The Market Monitor offers an interactive Market Barometer, with constantly updated benchmarks, that enables you to track your company's performance against producers in Competitor countries. The Exchange Rates page provides daily updates for 120 world currencies against the US Dollar and a basket of international currencies. Market Monitor charts are downloadable.


7) Insights about International Economic Trends


Articles, insights and stories - based on the ExportPlanning Platform and enhanced with interactive data visualization - to support an understanding of trends and opportunities offered by international trade and marketing best-practices.