There are 372 ExportPlanning News
EXPORTPLANNING-Market Monitor-MarketBarometer tool: Watch the video-tutorial June 18, 2020
MarketBarometer for monitoring markets and competitors: watch tutorial; access the tool.
EXPORTPLANNING-Market Research-International Market Accessibility: press release June 17, 2020
ExportPlanning introduces the new IMA Help-Desk service. Read the Press Release
EXPORTPLANNING-Market Selection tool: Watch the video-tutorial June 3, 2020
For measuring Market Potential of 152 countries and supporting the Market Selection. watch tutorial; access the tool.
EXPORTPLANNING-MarketBarometer updated with the 1st quarter of 2020 (pre-estimates) June 1, 2020
MarketBarometer allows real-time assessment of results on foreign markets, using the performance of the major competitor countries as benchmarks. >>Go to the tool
EXPORTPLANNING-Market Research: available world trade data for Q1-2020 (pre-estimates) June 1, 2020
Access for all registered users is free up to the Industry level (UL20) of the Ulisse Product classification. >> Go to the Analytics tool
EXPORTPLANNING-ERA-Export Readiness Assessment tool: Watch the video-tutorial May 28, 2020
For a self-assessment in terms of Export Readiness: watch the tutorial and access the ERA tool.
EXPORTPLANNING-Market Research: EU Countries Datamart updated to Q1-2020 (E) May 26, 2020
For registered users, access to the service is free for the "Total goods" and UL20 ("industries") of the Ulisse classification. >>Go to the Analytics tool
EXPORTPLANNING-Int'l Business Plan Generator: new features for reports' customization May 15, 2020
In the "Int'l Business Plan Generator" tool now available new features for generating highly customized reports: Access the Tool.
EXPORTPLANNING-Int'l Business Plan Generator integrated with the ERA tool May 15, 2020
Now available the ERA-Export Readiness Assessment's results integrated in the Int'l Business Plan Generator tool: access the "Company Profile" section in the Tool.