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EXPORTPLANNING: Press Release 30 March 2020 March 30, 2020
ExportPlanning Ready to Help US Businesses Plan for Future: appointment of Meg Harris as US Representative. >>Read Press Release
EXPORTPLANNING-Market Research:"Monetary and financial indicators" datamart update [Feb 2020] March 12, 2020
Monetary and financial monthly indicators (Exchange Rates, Stock Exchanges, Inflation, Interest Rates) updated for 152 countries. >>Access Datamart
EXPORTPLANNING-MarketSelection: updates of Development Factors' indicators March 4, 2020
Updated the Human Capital, Institutional Quality and Infrastructure sections for 152 countries. >> Go to Market Selection tool
EXPORTPLANNING-MarketSelection: updates of "Credit Risks and "Country Risks" with latest information March 3, 2020
Updates in Market Selection of "Credit Risks" and "Country Risks" Macro-indicators with latest info by Coface, OECD, SACE-Simest. >> Go to Market Selection tool
EXPORTPLANNING-Market Research / Analytics: updates of Credit Risks and Country Risks March 2, 2020
Updates of "Credit Risks" and "Country Risks" Datamarts with latest pubblications by Coface, OECD and SACE-Simest. >> Go to the Analytics tool
EXPORTPLANNING-Market Selection: in Macro section latest updates of Exchange Rate Risk Feb. 26, 2020
In the Macroeconomic section > Risk Factors > Exchange Rate Risk is aimed at measuring the risk of currency depreciation of a country. >>Go to MarketSelection
EXPORTPLANNING-MarketResearch / Analytics - Updated the Worldwide Governance Indicators Feb. 25, 2020
Available the updates for 152 countries of Worldwide Governance Indicators by the World Bank >>Access the Datamart
EXPORTPLANNING-Market Research / Analytics:"Index of Administrative Honesty" datamart update Feb. 25, 2020
Available the updates for year 2019 of Index of Administrative Honesty by Transparency International for 152 countries: >>Access the Datamart
EXPORTPLANNING-MarketResearch: updates of Exchange Rate Risk Datamart Feb. 21, 2020
In the Analytics tool now availlable the updates of "Exchange Rate Risk" data to measure the medium-term risk of currency depreciation of 152 countries. >>Access the Datamart
EXPORTPLANNING for ACIMIT: the EP customization for textile machinery manufacturers Feb. 21, 2020
Customized ExportPlanning version available for ACIMIT (Italian Association of Textile Machinery) members: >>Go to the custom platform