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Market Share Analysis: US Machinery Exports in Positive Countertrend

Published by Gloria Zambelli. .

United States of America Slowdown Industries Export markets Global Economic Trends

The pandemic crisis brought about a generalized yet contained loss in market share for US industries [ Read all ]

The Recovery Path of US Exports: Sector Analysis and Performance in the Year of Covid-19

Published by Gloria Zambelli. .

United States of America Industries Export markets Foreign Market Analysis

The availability of the latest export statistics from the U.S Census Bureau allows to analyze the performance of US exports by industrial sectors [ Read all ]

US Exports in Q1-2020: Best Performers

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

Intermediate goods Industries Industrial equipment Home items Food&Beverage Fashion Conjuncture Global Economic Trends

Top sectors for US export increases in the first quarter of 2020 [ Read all ]

Packaged Food and Beverage: world trade still positive in Q4-2019

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

Industries Food&Beverage Export markets Conjuncture Check performance Agribusiness

The "acyclical" nature of the sector's demand is partly preserving its growth worldwide [ Read all ]