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EXPORTPLANNING-MarketResearch-Analytics: updated Agricultural Production from FAO source

Updated to 2018 the database containing the historical series of production of 165 agricultural crops for the 152 countries considered. >>Go to datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-Market Research:"Monetary and financial indicators" datamart update [Sep-2020]

Monetary and financial monthly indicators (Exchange Rates, Stock Exchanges, Inflation, Interest Rates) updated for 152 countries. >>Access Datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-MarketResearch: updated the Forecast Scenario with the new IMF's WEO-Oct2020

Macroeconomic Forecasts for 2020-'25 updated for 152 countries according to IMF's latest WEO. Free access to all registered users >> Go to the WEO Datamart

EXPORTPLANNING - Market Research: update of US trade data Q3-2020 pre-estimates

Access for all registered users is free up to the Industry level (UL20) of the Product classification. >> Go to the Analytics tool-DM US Trade