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EXPORTPLANNING-Analytics-Annual World Trade: updates of Forecast: 2022-'25 based on IMF's WEO

ExportPlanning's Forecast of world trade for industries/sectors/products based on IMF's latest World Economic Outlook - April 2022. Go to the Forecast datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-MarketBarometer updated with the 1st quarter of 2022 (pre-estimates)

MarketBarometer allows real-time assessment of results on foreign markets, using the performance of the major competitor countries as benchmarks. >>Go to the tool

EXPORTPLANNING - Market Research: update of US trade data for Q1-2022 (pre-estimates)

Pre-estimates of US foreign trade at industry/sector/product/HS10 level for 1st Quarter 2022 available. >> Access "US Trade" Datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-Analytics-Forecast: IMF's World Economic Outlook Spring 2022

The International Monetary Fund's World Economic Outlook (WEO) database for April 2022 is now available. Go to WEO Datamart