ExportPlanning News Archive

EXPORTPLANNING-DATA-SocioEconomics: updated "Agricultural Production" datamart from FAO source

Updated to 2022 the database containing the historical series of production of 165 agricultural crops for the 152 countries considered. >>Go to datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-DataViz-Exportpedia: New Quarterly Trade Data of American States Datamart

New datamart containing the quarterly trade data (since 2011) of the American States. >>Go to the new Datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-DATA: updates of World Trade Forecast available up to 2027

Based on first 3 months of 2024 and the Spring 2024 World Economic Outlook forecast scenario by the International Monetary Fund. >>Go to the Forecast datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-MarketBarometer updated with the 1st quarter of 2024 (pre-estimates)

MarketBarometer allows real-time assessment of results on international markets, using the performance of major competitors as benchmarks. >>Go to the tool