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EXPORTPLANNING-Market Research: EU Countries Datamart revisioned for Q4-2021

For registered users, access is free for the "Total goods" and UL20 ("industries") of the ExportPlanning classification. >>Go to the Analytics tool

EXPORTPLANNING - Market Research: update of US trade data for Q4-2021 (pre-estimates)

Pre-estimates of US foreign trade at industry/sector/product/HS10 level for 4th Quarter 2021 available. >> Access "US Trade" Datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-Market Research: "Foreign Direct Investment" datamart update [2020]

Yearly time series (1990-2020) of Inward and Outward FDI, measured in terms of Flows and Stocks, have been updated for 152 countries. >>Access Datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-Market Research:"Monetary and financial indicators" datamart update [Oct-2021]

Monetary and financial monthly indicators (Exchange Rates, Stock Exchanges, Inflation, Interest Rates) updated for 152 countries. >>Access Datamart