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EXPORTPLANNING-Analytics: updates of World Trade Forecast available up to 2026

Based on first 9 months of 2022 and the World Economic Outlook forecast scenario of the October 2020 International Monetary Fund. Go to the Forecast datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-Analytics: updates of Annual Production and Demand Datamart up to 2022

Updated the datamart containing an estimate of the Production and Apparent Consumption of each product, for all the countries considered. Go to the Datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-Analytics: updates of Annual World Trade Datamart up to 2022

Updated up to 2022 the datamart containing the bilateral trade flows by price ranges at a product-/sector-/industry-level. Go to the Datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-Market Research:"Monetary and financial indicators" datamart update [Sep-2022]

Monetary and financial monthly indicators (Exchange Rates, Stock Exchanges, Inflation, Interest Rates) updated for 152 countries. >>Access Datamart