ExportPlanning News Archive

EXPORTPLANNING-DATA: Annual Production and Demand Datamart up to 2022 (estimates)

Updated the datamart containing an estimate of the Production and Apparent Consumption of each product, for all the countries considered. Go to the Datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-DATA: updates of World Trade Forecast available up to 2026

Based on first 3 months of 2023 and the Spring 2023 World Economic Outlook forecast scenario by the International Monetary Fund. Go to the Forecast datamart

EXPORTPLANNING-MarketBarometer updated with the 1st quarter of 2023 (pre-estimates)

MarketBarometer allows real-time assessment of results on foreign markets, using the performance of the major competitor countries as benchmarks. >>Go to the tool

EXPORTPLANNING-DATA: available world trade data for Q1-2023 (pre-estimates)

Access for all registered users is free up to the Industry level (UL20) of the ExportPlanning Product classification. >> Go to World Trade Datamart