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How post-Covid-19 export will look like

Published by Valerio Ronci. .

Internationalisation Export International marketing Digital Export

Traditional and digital exports are becoming even more integrated [ Read all ]

Data-driven Decision-making Processes

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Planning Internationalisation SME Data visualization Digital Export

Data visualization and Reporting Softwares make data-driven decision-making processes accessible to SMEs. [ Read all ]

Remote Management of Foreign Customers

Published by Valerio Ronci. .

Internationalisation International marketing Digital Export

New ICT technologies allow Small or Medium-sized enterprises to put the customer at the centre of their business activities [ Read all ]

Lead Generation in International Markets

Published by Valerio Ronci. .

International marketing Digital Export

New ICT and inbound marketing are revolutionizing SMEs' access to international markets [ Read all ]

Internationalization and Digitalization: Knowledge and Monitoring of Foreign Markets

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Internationalisation SME Export markets Digital Export

Thanks to Open Data, gaining in-depth knowledge of foreign markets is becoming increasingly easier. [ Read all ]

Internationalization and Digitalization

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Premium price Internationalisation SME International marketing Digital Export

From unbundling to differentiation based globalization: the opportunities for SMEs. [ Read all ]