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Russia: Potential and Accessibility for Agricultural Technologies

Published by Matteo Olivieri. .

Metal industry Emerging markets Export markets Foreign markets Market Accessibility

Potential and accessibility factors of the Russian agricultural machinery market [ Read all ]

The impact of Brexit: from the CE to the UKCA mark

Published by Valeria Minasi. .

Export Export markets Brexit Market Accessibility

UKCA mark is the new mark to be used for the foods placed on the British market. It is going to cover many goods on which the CE marking was affixed beforehand. [ Read all ]

Increase for the nutraceutical sector: Opportunities and Accessibility to the Chinese and Korean markets

Published by Valeria Minasi. .

Marketselection Health products Foreign markets Market Accessibility

In the last decade the sector has experienced strong growth, due to the increasing attention of consumers towards products designed to protect health [ Read all ]

Access2Markets: tips for consultants

Published by Matteo Olivieri. .

Planning Internationalisation International marketing Market Accessibility

Tips for an effective use of the European Commission's Access2Markets portal [ Read all ]

Opportunities and Accessibility for the Agricultural Machinery Sector: Focus on Mexico and Vietnam Markets

Published by Valeria Minasi. .

Metal industry Emerging markets Export markets Market Accessibility

Mexico and Vietnam: emerging markets with high potential for European agricultural machinery exports [ Read all ]

Ukraine: Market Opportunities and Accessibility for EU Wines

Published by Valeria Minasi. .

Food&Beverage Europe Export markets Market Accessibility

The recent abolition of duties on EU wines is a further development opportunity for European sales, already showing a strong growth [ Read all ]

"International Market Accessibility": H2-2020 ExportPlanning's Topics Wrap-up

Published by Stefano Nanni. .

International marketing Market Accessibility

Review of the topics covered by EP Magazine in the last semester [ Read all ]

The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Free trade agreements Europe Asia Market Accessibility

The European Commission has reached an agreement in principle on bilateral investment: opportunities and critical issues [ Read all ]

Preparing for the end of the transition period between the European Union and the United Kingdom

Published by Matteo Olivieri. .

Free trade agreements Export Brexit Market Accessibility

Changes in foreign trade administrative practices expected by the imminent end of the transition period between the European Union and the United Kingdom [ Read all ]

The New Access2markets Portal: Information Support on Market Accessibility for Companies Exporting in the EU

Published by Valeria Minasi. .

Europe Internationalisation Export markets Market Accessibility

The new system combines the potential of two existing databases (Market Access Database and EU Trade Helpdesk) in a single multipurpose portal [ Read all ]