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Entry Strategy Assessment: a new tool to support the Market Entry Strategy

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

Planning Internationalisation International marketing Internationalisation tools

To identify the winning strategies of entering the target market [ Read all ]

Exchange Rate Risk: a focus on Turkey

Published by Giulio Corazza. .

Exchange rate Uncertainty Exchange rate risk Internationalisation tools

One of the main factor to consider when embarking on a process of internationalization is represented by fluctuations in the exchange rate. The exchange rate risk takes into account different aspec... [ Read all ]

Commodity Prices and Inflationary Pressures

Published by Simone Zambelli. .

Macroeconomic analysis United States of America Uncertainty Central banks Eurozone Internationalisation tools

Are we heading for a structural increase in inflation? An analysis of European import data [ Read all ]

New release of exchange rate risk indicator

Published by Giulio Corazza. .

Exchange rate Dollar Euro Exchange rate risk Internationalisation tools

I retroscena di quattro cluster di paesi [ Read all ]

Focusing vs diversification: a case study

Published by Pier Paolo Galbusera. .

Bestpractice Internationalisation Internationalisation tools

The relevance of data in business decisions [ Read all ]

Country Relative Score

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Covid-19 Conjuncture International marketing Internationalisation tools

The daily score of the financial markets on world countries [ Read all ]

ExportPlanning Market Selection: a User Guide

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Planning Bestpractice Marketselection Export markets International marketing Internationalisation tools

ExportPlanning's indicators of opportunity, reliability and accessibility for an effective market selection [ Read all ]

Growing World demand for Household Goods

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Covid-19 Conjuncture Consumption pattern Export markets Foreign markets Internationalisation tools

Growing focus on adapting and enhancing home environment supports global trade. Will the pandemic be a game changer in the competitive arena? [ Read all ]

Mirror Flow: a new tool by ExportPlanning

Published by Matteo Cavallo. .

Importexport Internationalisation tools

Through MirroFlow it is possible to have a quick judgement on the reliability of country's trade declarations [ Read all ]

DailyDataLab: Mining Information from Financial Markets

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Conjuncture Uncertainty Internationalisation tools

Organic collection of daily economic and financial data, in a single report [ Read all ]