Agribusiness: Italian Exports show Continued Growth in First-Quarter 2019

'Made in Italy' Food & Beverage industries maintain positive trends


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The Italian Agribusiness sector exports continue to surge forwards. Results from Q1-2019 revealed a strong positive growth rate (+6.5% Year-on-Year in euro), thus confirming the sector - alongside Fashion - as the most dynamic industry in the context of national exports.

Confectionery, Beverages and Dairy Produce are the most dynamic segments for Agribusiness exports; the United States and United Kingdom are the best performing markets.

Agribusiness: Y-o-Y percentage changes in euro for Q1-2019
Italian Exports by destination Markets and Industries

AGRIBUSINESS: % Year-over-Year changes in euro in Q1-2019<br>of Italian Exports
The size of the rectangles is proportional to the value of exports.

Details of agribusiness exports from Italian provinces are documented in the Exportpedia section, both in terms of destination markets and industry types. The following subcategories were the most dynamic (in euro trend changes), for the first-quarter of the year:

  1. Confectionery (+14.1% Year-on-Year), by virtue of favourable trends in most European markets (France in particular), but also double-digit Y-o-Y growth performance is reported for Italian exports to Asia and Oceania and to the Middle East
  2. Wine and other beverages (+ 14% Y-o-Y), the result of widespread growth to European markets (Germany and the UK in particular) but also to non-European destinations - the United States, Japan and, to a lesser extent, in China
  3. Milk and Dairy Produce (+12.5% Y-o-Y), with particularly dynamic performances in Germany, United States and Asia and Oceania markets
  4. Sweets, Condiments and Ready Meals (+9.8% Y-o-Y), with the strongest growth being recorded in Germany, UK, Netherlands, United States and Japan
  5. Pasta, Biscuits and other Bakery Products (+9.7% Y-o-Y), increases were driven mainly by strong sales to Germany, United States, Canada and Saudi Arabia

Italian exports also showed positive trends for vegetable and fruit preserves and juices (+6.5% Y-o-Y), above all thanks to dynamic sales in UK and USA, and for cereals and vegetables (+5.8% Y-o-Y), with widespread increases reported in all main markets.