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Focus United State: the deficit factor on dollar expectations

Published by Gloria Zambelli. .

Exchange rate Great Recession Macroeconomic analysis Dollar Euro Trade balance Uncertainty Exchange rate risk Central banks Foreign market analysis

Analysis of the effects of the US trade deficit on medium-term exchange rate expectations [ Read all ]

Emerging Focus: South African Rand Changing Direction

Published by Gloria Zambelli. .

Covid-19 Africa Exchange rate Dollar Uncertainty Exchange rates

Dopo un prolungato periodo di apprezzamento, la valuta sudafricana riflette le preoccupazioni dei mercati sulle tensione nel Paese e il raforrzamento del dollaro [ Read all ]

Dollar and "Emerging" currencies: two sides of a coin

Published by Gloria Zambelli. .

Dollar Mexican peso Russian rouble Brazilian real Uncertainty Central banks Exchange rates

Il deprezzamento del dollaro si sta riflettendo sull’apprezzamento delle valute dei paesi emergenti [ Read all ]

World Trade of Capital Goods: Business cycle and Growth prospects

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Slowdown Industrial equipment Conjuncture Uncertainty High-tech Global economic trends

Strong recovery in global demand for capital goods, driven by revitalization of world trade and improvements in manufacturing technology [ Read all ]

Forex markets respond quietly to new crisis between Israel and Palestine

Published by Gloria Zambelli. .

Exchange rate Dollar Uncertainty Central banks Exchange rates

The escalation of violence does not seem to affect shekel, supported by the confidence that financial markets have in the quality of institutions and the choices of the central bank [ Read all ]

World Trade Recovery strengthens in Q1-21

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Covid-19 Fashion Metal industry Great Lockdown Industrial equipment Conjuncture Foreign markets Uncertainty Global economic trends

World trade opens 2021 with a 6% y-o-y growth in quantity and a 3% increase over the Q1-2019 [ Read all ]

World Economic Outlook April 2021: economic recovery improves

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Covid-19 Macroeconomic analysis Conjuncture Foreign markets Uncertainty IMF Global economic trends

In 2021 the recovery to pre-pandemic GDP levels is strongly driven by the US and China; more gradual upturn for major European markets [ Read all ]

Rand Appreciation Continues

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Exchange rate Dollar Uncertainty Exchange rates

The rand/dollar exchange rate reflects changes in financial markets’ appetite for risk [ Read all ]

Post-pandemic economic conjuncture: outlook for international trade

Published by Gloria Zambelli. .

Macroeconomic analysis Total goods Global demand Forecast Uncertainty Global economic trends

The sanitary crisis could accelerate or scale down processes already underway, painting new scenarios. The case of differentiated goods [ Read all ]