Excellence of Italian Agribusiness exports in 2018

The Agribusiness exports of Italian territories continues to show positive performance.


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The Agribusiness sector continues to show positive performance in terms of exports of Italian territories.
The fourth quarter of 2018 still recorded a positive growth rate (close to +4% in euro), thus confirming the trends highlighted during the last year.

Wine and other beverages were the best performers; positive contributions also from dairy products, pasta, biscuits and oven products, sweets, sauces and ready meals, preserves, fruits and vegetables juices.

AGRIBUSINESS: % changes in euro in 2018
of Italian provinces' Exports

AGRIBUSINESS: % changes in euro in 2018<br>of Italian provinces' Exports
Source: Exportpedia.it

As documented in the Exportpedia section, which shows the detail of agribusiness exports from the various Italian provinces, the Beverage sector stood out as the most positive: in the last quarter of the year sales of Wine and other beverages recorded a +9% trend growth, bringing the cumulative annual growth close to +8% (even better than the excellent growth performance of 2017: +7.4%).
In particular, exports of Wine from the province of Cuneo were driving forces, with as many as 3 cases of excellence in 2018 (sales to United States, Germany e United Kingdom, which recorded increases of 49 million, 22 million and 18 million euros respectively last year).
Also noteworthy is the sales performance of Wine from the province of Siena to the US market (which grew last year by 10 million euros compared to 2017).

Also note the growth confirmations in the fourth quarter of last year's exports of Pasta, biscuits and oven products, especially with reference to the French market for the provinces of Piacenza (top performer in 2018 with an Year-over-Year increase of 83 million euros) and Cuneo (+18.9 million euros compared to 2017), and - in the sweets, sauces and ready meals sector - the export performance from Piacenza to France (+22.3 million euros).

As regards Dairy products, cases of excellence of Italian exports must be noted on the German market from the provinces of Verona (+21.3 million euros compared to 2017) and Cuneo (+19.1 mln €). In the industry of Preserves, fruits and vegetables juices it is to be mentioned, last but not least, the growth performance of exports from the province of Foggia to United Kingdom (+34.9 million euros compared to 2017).

Agribusiness Exports: the main Italian excellences in 2018

Delta (mio euro)
Province Sector Market Q4-2018 Year 2018
Piacenza Pasta, biscuits and oven products France +24.1 +82.8
Cuneo Fruit and spices Germany +35.2 +50.2
Cuneo Wine and other beverages USA +6.1 +48.7
Foggia Preserves, fruits and vegetables juices United Kingdom +11.5 +34.9
Piacenza Sweets, sauces and ready meals France +6.1 +22.3
Cuneo Wine and other beverages Germany +4.7 +21.8
Verona Dairy products Germany +6.2 +21.3
Cuneo Dairy products Germany +8.0 +19.1
Cuneo Pasta, biscuits and oven products France +7.5 +18.9
Rome Beverage Bulgaria +8.8 +18.7
Cuneo Wine and other beverages United Kingdom +6.5 +18.2
StudiaBo processing of ISTAT data. For more information, see the si veda la sezione Exportpedia section.

In a negative countertrend (but with significant exceptions) the Italian exports of fruit and spices, meat and fish products e oils and fats.

Despite an overall negative sectoral context, we note the relevant exceptions of exports of Fruit and spices from the province of Cuneo (+25% compared to 2017), with particularly significant growth towards the German market (+50.2 million € compared to 2017).
The performance of Modena's export of hams, in particular on the French market (+16.7 million € compared to 2017), should also be underlined, together with those of Oils and fats from Perugia's and Cremona's provinces to the USA (respectively +15 million and +10.6 million euros compared to 2017).