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Preparing for the end of the transition period between the European Union and the United Kingdom

Published by Matteo Olivieri. .

Free trade agreements Export Brexit Market Accessibility

Changes in foreign trade administrative practices expected by the imminent end of the transition period between the European Union and the United Kingdom [ Read all ]

Brexit Saga: Approaching the Endgame

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Euro Exchange rate risk Pound Uncertainty Brexit Central banks Eurozone Europe Exchange rate Exchange rates

The British government’s latest move on Brexit leads the pound’s exchange rate risk on the rise; meanwhile, the ECB delivers soft comments on the strong euro, but keeps it in check [ Read all ]

Euro, Dollar and the Pound: An Update

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Dollar Exchange rate risk Pound United States of America Uncertainty Brexit Euro Central banks Eurozone Exchange rate Exchange rates

Stability for the single currency, thanks to the action of the ECB and the European Commission; clouds on the horizon for the greenback and the pound. [ Read all ]

World Countries through the Lens of Risk

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Macroeconomic analysis Internationalisation Export markets Foreign markets Uncertainty Brexit Foreign market analysis

A world map constructed on the basis of the main risk indicators: sovereign, political, exchange rate and business risks [ Read all ]

"The World in 2020": Trends to Watch

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Slowdown Internationalisation Export Foreign markets Uncertainty Made in Italy Trade war Brexit Global economic trends

A risk map for companies operating on foreign markets, according to ISPI, Assolombarda and SACE [ Read all ]

Brexit Chaos: a Light at the End of the Tunnel, at last?

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Exchange rate Uncertainty Exchange rate risk Pound Brexit Exchange rates

In spite of the outcome of UK parliamentary elections, which produced a strong conservative majority, Brexit is still far from "done". [ Read all ]

Winds of change on forex markets?

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Swiss franc Exchange rate risk Dollar Japanese yen Chinese yuan Uncertainty Trade war Brexit Exchange rate Exchange rates

General strengthening dynamics among emerging markets’ currencies against US dollar. [ Read all ]

New Developments in Argentina Crisis and Brexit Maze

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Exchange rate Uncertainty Pound Argentine peso Brexit Central banks IMF Exchange rates

"Selective default" for Argentina; recent blows for PM Johnson in the UK. [ Read all ]