Export Performances of Italian provinces in Q2-2019

Slowdown in export performances, above all in North-West territories


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The share of Italian territories with upward export trend dropped from 73% in Q4-2018 to 52% in Q2-2019.

Available data on Italian Exports by territories suggest evident signs of weakening of the Italian export performance: only 1 province out of 2 recorded an export growth in the second quarter of the year, a lower result than in previous quarters.

Italian Exports: share provinces with upward export trend
Italian Territories Q4-2018 Q1-2019 Q2-2019
North-Western 85% 56% 32%
North-Eastern 86% 68% 59%
Central 68% 64% 68%
Southern 61% 53% 53%
Total 73% 59% 52%
Source: ExportPlanning - Exportpedia

Italian North-Western territories
were the most affected by the export slowdown

Export data available in Exportpedia1 show a significant deterioration in export performance of the North-West territories: in the area only 32% of provinces report a growth in export trends (quota already sharply dropped from 85% to 56% in the previous quarter).

Whilst the North-Eastern territories
were only slightly affected.

The export slowdown in the North-Eastean territories was less pronounced, with a majority (59%) of provinces still growing in the year-over-year trends, but fewer than three months earlier (68%) and, above all, than Q4-2018 (86%).

Definitely the most widespread growth in export performance is reported in the Central region

The provinces of Central Italy showed the greatest resilience: 68% is the share of Central territories which recorded a y-o-y export growth in Q2-2019 (which is even higher than in the previous quarter - 64% - and in line with Q4-2018).

In South Italy, provinces that showed an y-o-y export increase in Q2-2019 are 53%. This result is in line with the previous one, but lower than the result achieved in Q4-2018 (61%).

Exports from Italian provinces: Year-over-Year Percentage Change in Q2-2019

Exports from the Italian provinces: Y-o-Y % changes for the 2nd quarter of 2019
Source: ExportPlanning - Exportpedia
ATTENTION: variations related to the provinces of Sardinia are not considered, since from Q1-2018 a new regional structure was established by the Regional Law n. 2/2016.

1) In order to take a dynamic view of the ongoing deterioration in exports of Italian territories, see the video animation in the bar at the bottom of the Exportpedia home page.