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Protectionism or Free Trade?

Published by Giulio Grisanti. .

Macroeconomic analysis Uncertainty Global economic trends

Countries showed different reactions to the crisis of the multilateral approach promoted by WTO [ Read all ]

World Countries through the Lens of Risk

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Macroeconomic analysis Internationalisation Export markets Foreign markets Uncertainty Brexit Foreign market analysis

A world map constructed on the basis of the main risk indicators: sovereign, political, exchange rate and business risks [ Read all ]

Trade imbalances and multilateralism

Published by Giulio Grisanti. .

Macroeconomic analysis Foreign market analysis

Which countries have benefited from multilateralism and what are the reasons for trade imbalances? [ Read all ]

The weakness of the single currency

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Slowdown Exchange rate Macroeconomic analysis Dollar Euro Uncertainty Economic policy Central banks Exchange rates

Data released for Q4-2019 show that Eurozone economic pain is getting worse. [ Read all ]

The Russian market: Sanctions and Trade Prospects

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Macroeconomic analysis Export markets Foreign market analysis

European exports to the Russian market showed a significant fall, due to administrative and economic factors. [ Read all ]

International Trade performance by Country and Industry

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Slowdown Macroeconomic analysis Intermediate goods Conjuncture Global demand Uncertainty Trade war Global economic trends

International slowdown involves all major economies, weighing on intermediate and investment goods [ Read all ]

Developing Economies Slow Down Global Growth

Published by Giulio Grisanti. .

Slowdown Macroeconomic analysis IMF Global economic trends

In 2019 the lowest growth rate since the 2008 crisis. Slowdown continuing in 2020 [ Read all ]

How much is the Chinese Economy Growing?

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

Macroeconomic analysis Asia Import Global economic trends

Reliable measures of growth potential are key to choose the right target market. [ Read all ]

2019 forecast: a map of global economic growth

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Africa Macroeconomic analysis Europe Asia Conjuncture Forecast IMF Global economic trends

According to the IMF, Asia and Africa will show the fastest economic growth, while Germany and Italy will lag behind the rest of the EU. [ Read all ]