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Hard Choices in South Africa

Published by Luigi Bidoia. .

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Rand’s plunge indicates the need for a change in South Africa's budgetary policy. [ Read all ]

Wastewater treatment: growing demand from emerging markets

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Africa Importexport Emerging markets High-tech South-east Asia Foreign market analysis

Central African, Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian countries are increasing their imports of wastewater treatment technologies much faster than the other players on the market. [ Read all ]

Sub-Saharan Africa: market potential for Textile Machinery

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

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A few SSA countries are to be considered in the market selection of Textile Machinery's Exporters: South Africa, Mauritius, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya e Tanzania are the top potential markets [ Read all ]

Egyptian pound: a year of recovery

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Africa Exchange rate Emerging markets Exchange rate risk Exchange rates

An economy poised between growth and weaknesses [ Read all ]

2019 forecast: a map of global economic growth

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Africa Macroeconomic analysis Europe Asia Conjuncture Forecast IMF Global economic trends

According to the IMF, Asia and Africa will show the fastest economic growth, while Germany and Italy will lag behind the rest of the EU. [ Read all ]

Dinar crisis goes on in Tunisia

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

MENA Africa Exchange rate Emerging markets Data visualization Exchange rates

As general elections approach, the government struggles with its committments to the IMF and the safeguard of social welfare. [ Read all ]

Doing Business 2019: quali segnali dal mondo?

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

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Diffuso impegno riformista dei governi per agevolare lo sviluppo d’impresa. [ Read all ]

Compact with Africa: il piano di sviluppo degli investimenti privati in Africa

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Africa Macroeconomic analysis News from the world

Dopo 16 mesi dal via, l’iniziativa del G20 ha coinvolto undici paesi africani, impegnati in riforme strutturali per una crescita sostenibile. [ Read all ]