Furniture&Furnishings: United States has long been a driving market for global sales. Which States are leading the growth?


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World Exports of Furniture & Furnishings

World trade data for the first quarter of 2024, available in the World Trade Datamart, highlight - after five quarters of year-over-year declines in euro values - a strengthening of global sales of Furniture & Furnishings1: +4.2% in euro values compared to the corresponding period 2023.

In the first quarter of the year, global sales of Furniture & Furnishings, although penalized by the declines in the markets of France, Austria, Norway and Germany, found support from the US market (+242.7 million euros compared to the corresponding period in 2023) and, to a lesser extent, from Japan, Australia and South Korea.

The US market is therefore confirmed as the main destination for global sales of Furniture & Furnishings (with over 25 billion euros in 2023)2, driving the world demand for the sector: in the period 2020-2023, global sales of Furniture & Furnishings to the US market grew overall by approximately 2363 million euros, significantly the most significant increase among the world markets of the sector3.

Since 2019, the US market has shown an overall increase in imports of Furniture&Furnishings from the world
of over 2.6 billion euros

World Exports of Furniture&Furnishings:
main driving markets in the 1st quarter of 2024

Level 2023 Delta (M €)
Market (Bn €) 2023/2019 Q1-2024/Q1-2023
United States 25.3 +2 363 +242.7
Japan 2.5 - 327 +107.3
Australia 1.9 + 79 + 86.9
Korea 1.4 + 79 + 65.8
Source: ExportPlanning - Quarterly World Trade Datamart

Furniture&Furnishings imports of the American States

The import data for the United States, broken down by state and partner country, available in the Quarterly Trade of American States Datamart, allow documenting, within the US market, the most relevant geographical areas and those driving the overall demand for Furniture&Furnishings in the most recent period.

In particular, in 2023 we note the record of imports of Furniture&Furnishings expressed by California [CA] (5.1 billion euros), followed by Texas [TX] (2.3 Bn €), Georgia [GA] (1.6 Bn €), New York [NY] (1.6 Bn €), Florida [FL] (1.5 Bn €), New Jersey [NJ] (1.2 Bn €), Illinois [IL] (1.1 Bn €),Washington [WA] (1 Bn €), North Carolina [NC] (0.9 Bn €) and Virginia [VA] (0.7 Bn €).

US Market of Furniture and Furnishings: main states for total imports in 2023

With reference to the period 2020-2023, the major contributions to the growth of US imports of Furniture&Furnishings derived - in order - from the markets of Texas (+558 million euros), Georgia (+415 M €), Florida (+399 M €), New York and Illinois (both +322 M €).

Finally, the table below shows the American states that highlighted the greatest year-over-year increases in imports of Furniture&Furnishings in the first three months of 2024. Above all, the performance of the State of California (+105.9 million euros compared to the corresponding period in 2023), followed by those of Texas (+88.2 M €), New York (+69.4 M €), Maryland and New Jersey (both +38.1 M €), Pennsylvania (+26.3 M €) and Illinois (+23.8 M €).

U.S. Imports of Furniture&Furnishings:
main driving States in the 1st quarter of 2024

Level 2023 Delta (M €)
American State (M €) 2023/2019 Q1-2024/Q1-2023
California 5.1 -404 +105.9
Texas 2.3 +558 + 88.2
New York 1.7 +322 + 69.4
Maryland 0.4 - 16 + 38.1
New Jersey 1.2 +131 + 38.1
Pennsylvania 0.5 + 60 + 26.3
Illinois 1.1 +322 + 23.8
Source: ExportPlanning - Quarterly Trade of American States Datamart


The data for the first quarter of 2024 confirmed the driving role of the US market for global sales of Furniture&Furnishings.
In particular, given the weak dynamics of traditional European partners, the US Furniture&Furnishings market shows widespread growth at a territorial level.

The analysis of the quarterly imports of the American states, which can be broken down by partner country, can allow us to document the territories of the US market that are continuing to offer positive contributions to the growth of global sales of Furniture&Furnishings.

1) See the list of products included in this analysis in the following table.
2) In the 2023 world markets for Furniture&Furnishings, behind the United States are - widely distanced - Germany (6.3 billion euros), France and United Kingdom (both 4.9 Bn €), with the first two significantly decreasing in the first quarter of the year.
3) In the 2020-2023 period, well behind the US market of Furniture&Furnishings, we note - in absolute increases - the growth of the France and Netherlands markets (both + 583 million euros), United Kingdom (+548 M €), Saudi Arabia (+488 M €), Germany (+398 M €) and Switzerland (+346 M €).