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Optimism on Financial Markets supports the Swedish Currency

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Covid-19 Exchange rate Europe Uncertainty Exchange rate risk Central banks Exchange rates

The absence of a real lockdown has limited negative economic effects for the country, but Sweden is not exempt from the challenges of the post-Covid era. [ Read all ]

The new EU-Mexico trade agreement

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Europe Emerging markets Latin America Export markets Foreign markets International marketing

The total removing of the existing tariffs and the recognition of European geographical indications are substantial elements of the new agreement [ Read all ]

Watchword: QE

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Emerging markets Dollar Exchange rate risk United States of America Uncertainty Europe Eurozone Central banks Exchange rate Exchange rates

Expansionary monetary policy helps to reassure the markets. Emerging markets currencies and USD are poles apart. [ Read all ]

Airbus Tariffs: the First US Revision

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Europe Conjuncture United States of America Foreign markets Uncertainty Made in Italy Global economic trends

There are no substantial changes to the duties in force, but the application of the carousel retaliation creates deep uncertainty and amplifies risks. [ Read all ]

Eurozone Slowdown: Evidence from Trade Flows

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Slowdown Europe Conjuncture Industries Uncertainty Eurozone Global economic trends

The European economy is heavily penalized by German stagnation [ Read all ]

U.S. Tariffs On EU Products and EU competitive balance

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Europe Conjuncture United States of America Foreign markets Trade war Global economic trends

The WTO Decision could exacerbate transatlantic and intra-European tensions [ Read all ]

The Automotive Slowdown

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Global demand United States of America Conjuncture Uncertainty Slowdown Automotive Europe Asia Automotive

Technological disruption and weak economic conditions weigh on the car market; better resilience for the commercial vehicles segment. [ Read all ]