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European exporters compared in the 2023 pre-consensus

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Europe Conjuncture Export Global economic trends

Le imprese esportatrici italiane si affacciano su uno scenario internazionale sicuramente complesso, ma possono godere di alcuni punti di forza “strutturali” [ Read all ]

Russia-China-India commercial Alliance consolidates

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Europe Asia Conjuncture Global economic trends

About a year and a half after the invasion of Ukraine, Russia's foreign trade has changed dramatically: the growing weight of Beijing and New Delhi [ Read all ]

American imports pull the brakes

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Slowdown Europe Asia Conjuncture United States of America Export Foreign markets Trade war Foreign market analysis

U.S. foreign trade is beginning to show signs of contraction, albeit unevenly across both sectors and geography [ Read all ]

World trade slows, but not for Italian companies

Published by Giulio Corazza. .

Europe Global economic trends

Nella fase di ripresa post pandemica, l'Italia assieme alla Spagna guida la crescita delle esportazioni dell'Unione Europea. [ Read all ]

Economic scenario of European exports at pre-consensus 2022

Published by Simone Zambelli. .

Slowdown Europe Conjuncture Export Uncertainty Global economic trends

EU exports slow down sharply in fourth quarter 2022, both in value and quantity [ Read all ]

Q2 2022: economic dynamics of European exports

Published by Simone Zambelli. .

Slowdown Europe Conjuncture Export

After a great start to the year, there is a setback in Q2 2022 [ Read all ]

Slowdown in EU Machinery Exports in Q2 2022

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

Slowdown Europe Industrial equipment Conjuncture Export Uncertainty Global economic trends

Having almost halved the pace of growth recorded in Q1 of the year (after the slowdown in Q4-2021), some sectors already show cumulative negative trend changes [ Read all ]

World trade in Lighting: the Competitive Arena

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Covid-19 Europe Conjuncture Consumption pattern Italy International marketing

In the lighting segment, Italy and Germany do not catch the positive phase of Global Demand [ Read all ]

EU Exports of Fashion Products: all major sectors above pre-pandemic levels in Q1 2022

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

Fashion Europe Conjuncture Check performance Export Global economic trends

In the first three months of the year, EU exports of the Fashion industry returned 12 percentage points above the corresponding period in 2019 [ Read all ]