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EU foreign trade: first quarter 2021 estimates

Published by Simone Zambelli. .

Slowdown Europe Conjuncture Export Global economic trends

EU exports continue to recover, especially for Central and Eastern Europe, although slowing slightly in early 2021 [ Read all ]

The Automobile Parts Manufacturing Industry: Towards the Ecological Transition

Published by Lorenzo Fontanelli. .

Automotive Consumption pattern Export Export markets Global economic trends

Foreign trade data are key to understand whether the car parts industry is involved in the ecological transition [ Read all ]

The Preference for Variety in World Trade of Fashion Goods

Published by Gloria Zambelli. .

Fashion Great Recession Asia Great Lockdown Conjuncture Export Global economic trends

An overview of the relevance of global demand for differentiated goods with a focus on the fashion industry. Significant boost of the cluster after the Great Recession [ Read all ]

EU Exports of Machinery: signs of recovery in the 1st quarter 2021, but still below pre-crisis levels on average

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

Europe Great Lockdown Industrial equipment Conjuncture Export Global economic trends

Within the industry, there are sectors that are struggling and others that have already significantly recovered from 2019 levels [ Read all ]

Pricing Strategies in International Marketing Mix

Published by Lukasz Sramkowski. .

Food&Beverage Bestpractice SME Export International marketing International marketing

Pricing decisions can determine whether a firm's product/service will or won't be successful [ Read all ]

"Place" in the 4Ps of Marketing Mix

Published by Rina Villaruel. .

Planning Bestpractice Internationalisation Export International marketing International marketing

Customer needs, along with the nature of the product, significantly impact product distribution [ Read all ]

The impact of Brexit: from the CE to the UKCA mark

Published by Valeria Minasi. .

Export Export markets Brexit Market Accessibility

UKCA mark is the new mark to be used for the foods placed on the British market. It is going to cover many goods on which the CE marking was affixed beforehand. [ Read all ]

How Companies grow Resilience amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Published by Rina Villaruel. .

Internationalisation Great Lockdown SME Export International marketing International marketing

The transformations imposed by the pandemic require an acceleration to the digitalization process of SMEs' marketing strategies [ Read all ]

Effects of the Great Lockdown on the Export Performance of the EU Fashion Industry

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

Fashion Great Lockdown Conjuncture Export Made in Italy Global economic trends

Preliminary figures indicate a reduction in EU exports of around 13% in EUR [ Read all ]

EU Exports of Machinery: Still Modest Rebound in Q3-2020

Published by Marcello Antonioni. .

Great Lockdown Industrial equipment Conjuncture Check performance Export Uncertainty Global economic trends

Penalized by the climate of international uncertainty, European sales of machinery and industrial plants are struggling to restart [ Read all ]