Agribusiness: signs of a slowdown in world trade but also confirmations of growing markets

In the third quarter braking for world exports, but with relevant exceptions at the merchandise and, above all, geographical level.


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In quantity, in the third quarter of 2018, global exports of agribusiness showed mixed signals ...

On the basis of the pre-estimates formulated by StudiaBo starting from the most recent customs declarations of about 70 countries worldwide1, in the 3rd quarter of the year the world exports of Agribusiness marked a still positive result (+1.4% Year-Over-Year at constant prices), although showing a significant slowdown in Packaged Food and Beverage.

.. still positive rates for unpackaged food, significant slowdown for packaged food and beverages.

As shown in the two graphs below, the Unpackaged Food segment highlights the continuation of a moderately positive growth rate of world exports (+ 2.6% Year-Over-Year at constant prices); instead, the Packaged Food and Beverage segment recorded a significant slowdown (+0.1%) compared to the first part of the year.

United States, EU and numerous Asian markets (in particular South Korea and ASEAN) are still leading international destinations

The third quarter of 2018 confirmed the favorable phase of the US market (which is still the market with the greatest positive contributions to the growth of the global export of agribusiness), to which are added the consistent growth performance of many Asian markets: first of all South Korea (+ 10.6% tendential at constant prices, + 8% from the beginning of the year), but also ASEAN area (Vietnam over all: + 9.2% in quantity since the beginning of the year), as well as Japan and China (albeit slowing down) in the most recent quarter).
Also worthy of note is the continuation of the favorable trend, even if a significant slowdown in the "Packed F&B" component, of EU markets (in particular, the confirmation of the Polish market and Netherlands, United Kingdom, France as the main EU markets for growth in the last quarter).

For exporting companies, the current phase requires particular attention in monitoring the performance of its market portfolio.

In a cyclical phase that presents market trends (also very different) between product and product and, above all, between country and country, Agribusiness exporters are called upon to intensify their efforts to monitor their markets, in order to better target promotional and commercial investments.

1. The data and graphs presented in this article are freely available (upon registration) through the tool Analytics of, for the following industries: