The leading role of European technical fabrics

An industry in which Europe - Germany and Italy above all - plays a relevant role due to the growing number of application fields, especially in the hi-tech sector


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Among the industries that in the latest years experienced a dynamic growth in terms of production both globally and in Europe, we can find the non-woven fabrics and fabrics for technical use sector.
This field is represented by a huge variety of products, obtained through processes that do not include weaving or knitting. The application scope of these products is broad: automotive, geo-textile, clothing and medical are only a few examples.

Global production of Non-woven fabrics and fabrics for technical use(1995-2018)

Global production non-woven fabrics and  fabrics for technical use

The global production experienced an upward trend, rising from 37 billions of euro in 2009 to 62 billions of euro in 2018 – increasing by 70% in the entire period, 6% annually. While, considering the European production alone, the increase rate was lower: from 14.6 billions euro in 2009 to 22 billions of euro in 2018, a 50% increase rate, equal to a yearly development rate of 4.7%.

Focusing in the Communitarian market, the European production covered 1/3rd of the global non-woven fabrics and fabrics for technical use manufacture in 2018, higher than the mean of other intermediate fabrics, equal to 23% of the global production.
Among the European countries, Germany (expected 6 billions euro production) and Italy (expected 3 billions euro production) are the main producers.
Considering the European industry of fabrics and leather, the production quota of non-woven fabrics and fabrics for technical use is higher compared to the mean of the rest of the world.

EU production 1995-2018 (constant prices)

Total Fabrics and leather

EU production of fabrics and leather line graph (1995-2018)

Non-woven fabrics and fabrics for technical use

EU production of non-woven fabrics and fabrics for technical use line graph (1995-2018)

The graphs above1 represent the evolution in time of the European production of textiles and leather (left) and of non-woven fabric and fabrics for technical use (right). We can clearly note that the right graph has a stronger positive trend, especially considering the 2009-2018 period.
Moreover, unlikely the entire fabrics and leather industry, the production in the latest years exceeded the production of 2009, meaning that the European producers were able in being successful on this market, through qualitative differentiation and new application fields.

The Old Continent seems to be competitive in the production of these goods, mainly characterized by a relevant use in hi-tech industries, such as automotive and medical, and in sectors with a high added value, such as furniture and technical clothing.

EU exports of Non-woven fabrics and fabrics for technical use (2000-2021)

Finally, on the basis of the forecasts developed by StudiaBo using Ulisse Information System, the outlook considering European exports is positive, presenting a 4% yearly increase for the next three years, with a turnover that will rise for 15 to 17 billions of euro.
These estimations represent an opportunity for technology suppliers, who will be able to develop their businesses in an industry with a strong both economical and technological development, in which the European Union is among the main players.

(1) In this analysis we used fixed prices values in order to make data comparable.