Excellent growth in the European exports of Healthcare products in 2018

From the beginning of the decade up to now, the overall increase in EU sales was 54% in euro values.


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Based on the pre-estimates made by StudiaBo starting from the Eurostat-Comext database, available in the EU Countries Datamart of the Ulisse Information System, in the fourth quarter of 2018 EU exports of Health Products and Medical Equipment1 reached a new high point in quarterly values (close to € 114 billion) and an annual value of 439 billion euros. Compared to 2017, 2018 ended with an increase in the EU exports of the sector estimated at over € 37 billion (+9.3%).
Therefore, European exports in the Health sector confirm their high level of dynamism: since the beginning of the decade, they have been recording a total increase close to 54 percentage points in euro values (corresponding to about € 153 billion).

Germany 1st EU exporter, ahead of the Netherlands and Ireland (the most dynamic in 2018).

At the end of the year, Germany is widely confirmed as 1st EU exporter of Health Products and Medical Equipment (110 billion euro, + 9.7% compared to 2017), ahead of the Netherlands, which showed a high dynamism of its Healthcare products' exports as well (+18.6% in euro, corresponding to over 9 billion euro, against +10 billion euro for Germany). In the last year, the largest increases in sales abroad were the prerogative of Ireland (+12 billion euros, equal to over 28 percentage points more than in 2017).

Italy approaches the United Kingdom and France in the EU exporters' ranking, thanks to further progress in 2018.

Italy continued to show a favorable trend in its exports of Health Products and Medical Equipment as well, with an annual increase of more than € 1.5 billion compared to 2017 (the latter already a record year for Italian exports of the sector). Thus, in the ranking of main EU exporters of healthcare products, Italy gets closer to the United Kingdom (whose exports of Health Products and Medical Equipment declined by 7% on average over the year, 2.4 billion euros less than in 2017) and France (whose healthcare's exports, although growing, have experienced just a more moderate 1 billion euro increase).

1. The industry analyzed in this article groups the following sectors: Drugs, medicaments, Syringes, prostheses and other products for healthcare, Medical and dental instruments and equipment, Electro-medical equipment, Microscopes. See the list in the following industry's description.