India: Top potential market for exporters of Publishing, Converting and Printing Machines in 2019-2021

India is expected to drive the global demand of the sector


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For the Publishing, Converting and Printing Machinery sector1, the 2019-2021 scenario is expected to show an overall less dynamic trend in world demand (-1.1% in euros. Forecast by StudiaBo in the Ulisse Information System, based on the latest International Monetary Fund2 macroeconomic outlook).
It will therefore be essential for exporting companies in the sector to formulate a correct choice of markets with the greatest potential. As can be seen from the chart below (source: ExportPlanning - MarketSelection tool), which represents the distribution of the expected growth of imports of Converting and Printing Machines in the 2019-2021 period, in a context of not favorable trends for many Western European markets, there are significant opportunities in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central and Latin America and, above all, Asia.

Publishing, Converting and Printing Machinery:
top markets for Imports' increases in 2019-2021

Source: ExportPlanning-MarketSelection.
Forecast of 2019-2021 Delta Imports of Printing and Converting Machines

India: Top potential market for imports growth

India is expected to be the top market in terms of increases in imports of Converting and Printing Machines in the 2019-2021 scenario.

Converting Machines

In the paper converting machinery segment, as shown in the chart below, Indian imports of Machines to manufacture packaging are expected to show particularly significant increases: from € 52 million in 2018 to € 71 million in 2021.

Printing Machines

In the Printing Machines segment, above all we note the expected progress from Indian imports of Flexographic Printing Machines, which are expected to grow from 29 million euros in 2018 to 41 million euros in 2021 (an average annual growth close to + 10%), while the worldwide import is expected to be far less dynamic (+3.7% annual average in euros).

Furthermore, the expected growth of Indian imports of Offset Printing Machines are to be mentioned. In fact, they are expected to increase from € 129 million in 2018 to € 171 million in 2021, in countertrend to the overall dynamics of this type of products world trade (-152 million euros worldwide in the 2019-2021 period).

Other machines

Positive contributions are expected in the Indian market of Machines for the preparation of printing forms and to Bookbinding Machines, with India ranking respectively 1st and 2nd for the expected growth of world imports in the 2019-2021 period.

1) For a list of the considered product categories, see the following Product description table.
2) For further information, see the Forecast datamart in ExportPlanning Market Research module, which is freely accessible for registered users up to the Industry level of the Ulisse Products Classification.