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New tool sponsored by ExportPlanning monitors health emergency conditions in international markets


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The Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to being an unprecedented health emergency due to its global scale, is having huge impacts on the international economy and disrupting the way we work and do business. In particular, the community of international business professionals – export managers, marketing managers, consultants and other organizations that support those professionals – is being forced to review their operations and, in some cases, to re-engineer their overseas projects, at least until the situation has normalized.

Data - Comparisons - Analysis to support the monitoring
of contagion's trajectories at an international level

The ExportPlanning team decided to make a contribution to the international business community by sponsoring the project Covid19Lab.info1. This is an interactive data-visualization website that provides data updated daily2 of international coronavirus contagion, which - through navigation by geomaps and multiline charts - can allow territorial comparisons (at the level of countries, and regions and provinces3).

Geomap: Covid-19 Total Sicks at 23March2020 Time Series: Covid-19 Total Sicks

As documented in the article New Risks on the International Scene: Covid-19 Pandemic, the speed of spread of the virus and the consequent health risk, understood as the insufficient capacity of health systems to cope with a maximum demand for medical equipment, are the main risk factors that strongly threaten the levels of economic activity of the affected countries, in an already downward international trend.
The website therefore offers operational support to the global community of international business professionals as they monitor target markets.

We all hope, of course, that the health emergency can soon return to a situation of normality and that the operations and projects of the business communities for internationalization can restart with renewed momentum.

1) Project partners: StudiaBo srl, Vicem srl, Aderit srl, Musicanti srl. Project coordination by Vicem srl.
2) Data source: Johns Hopkins University.
3) At the moment the detail by regions and provinces is available only for Italy. In the development of the project the inclusion of regional/local data for other countries relevant in terms of spread of contagion is foreseen.