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US Elections: Financial Markets' Reaction and the Impact on the Dollar

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Emerging markets Covid-19 Exchange rate risk Great Lockdown Dollar United States of America Chinese yuan Economic policy Uncertainty Slowdown Central banks Exchange rate Exchange rates

Financial markets are pricing a Democratic victory and a split Congress: the dollar weakens and risk appetite is back on the scene [ Read all ]

International Trade Outlook: Uncertainty and Growing Chinese Threat

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Great Lockdown Conjuncture Industries Export markets Foreign markets Uncertainty IMF Global economic trends

The recovery in global demand over the next two years will reflect the asymmetric impact of the health crisis on countries and sectors [ Read all ]

Focus on EM Currencies: the Rand Recovers Ground, but Risk Remains

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Covid-19 Africa Exchange rate Great Lockdown Dollar Emerging markets Exchange rate risk Central banks Exchange rates

The South African currency benefits from risk sentiment, but its stability could be endangered by a deterioration in its already fragile fiscal position [ Read all ]

Covid-19 Goods and Devices: International Trade figures

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Covid-19 Health products Great Lockdown Conjuncture Uncertainty Global economic trends

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic on a global scale has led to a massive increase in demand for essential medical goods and equipment, with China playing an increasingly significant role [ Read all ]

October 2020 IMF Scenario: the Long Road to Recovery

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Covid-19 Great Recession Europe Great Lockdown Emerging markets United States of America Uncertainty Italy Global economic trends

The latest World Economic Outlook forecasts shed a ray of hope on 2020, compared to previous estimates; however, all major economies remain in negative territory, with China as a relevant exception [ Read all ]

The European Race for Electric Mobility: an analysis of Kick Scooters and Bicycles

Published by Marzia Moccia. .

Europe Great Lockdown Conjuncture International marketing International marketing

The sector is experiencing a strong growth, with an increasing role of Asian partners [ Read all ]

Relationship between infections and deaths from Sars-Cov-2

Published by Donatella Talucci. .

Covid-19 Great Lockdown Conjuncture Uncertainty Global economic trends

Investigating the relationship between infections and deaths at a global level is a useful exercise to understand how the epidemic has evolved over the months, as well as its possible prospects [ Read all ]

EU Foreign Trade: €435 billion lost in the first 7 months of 2020

Published by Luca Surace. .

Europe Great Lockdown Conjuncture Global economic trends

Exportplanning estimates however highlight a partial recovery in Q3 [ Read all ]

Foreign Direct Investment: Global Dynamics in 2019

Published by Alba Di Rosa. .

Covid-19 Great Lockdown Emerging markets United States of America Foreign markets Uncertainty Global economic trends

UNCTAD data show a slight rebound in global FDI flows in 2019, but the Covid crisis could lead in 2020 to a greater collapse than that one recorded in the aftermath of the 2009 crisis [ Read all ]